Thursday, March 25, 2010

Deep Breaths...

     I've been putting this post off for a few days now because I wanted to give myself a chance to cool off a little bit.  As it turns out, I didn't.  

    Remember when Obama was running for office, and he kept telling us how he couldn't be successful if he only appealed to the Democrats, and how badly the nation needed to be united in cause, apparently implying that he was the man for the job? Well he definitely appealed to both parties when ZERO Republicans voted for his health care bill.  Not only that, but he lost 34 of his own party's votes.  

    This bill is going to affect everything from now on.  Really, everything.  Everybody living in America is going to experience serious repercussions, whether its small business owners, pre-med students, heart patients, expectant mothers, everyone will feel the ill-effects of the health care bill.  

   Small tangent: If I see anyone else on facebook saying that they are glad the health care bill passed because now people won't call them lazy for not having insurance??? This is your reason for celebration? Now that the quality of health care in America is going to dangerously decrease, let's see how celebratory you are when you need an emergency open heart surgery.  

    That WAS why America was so great.  When have you ever heard anyone say "I need to have life-saving surgery, I'm going to go to Canada."  A girl on facebook really said to me "why are you so mad? Other countries with socialized health care are doing great, you don't see them complaining." I'm sorry, other countries with socialized health care are doing great?? That's news to me considering how many people COME to AMERICA to get surgery or receive treatment! When is the last time we've celebrated Finland for their amazing medical advances? 

    I can't believe how terrible this bill is.  Just judging by how quickly so many states have filed lawsuits against the United States Government may just be a small indicator about how we as a people feel about this.  Hopefully the cases will make it to the Supreme Court, but still, who knows what will happen?  Even if the Republicans get control of Congress in November and repeal it, then Obama is not going to sign off on it, and we'll need a 2/3 majority to really get rid of it.  Everybody pray hard. 

    I'm so frustrated with the people who voted for change.  Well at least he was true to his word right? 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Less than 2!

Here's what the Steele's have been up to:
  • Blake started shadowing doctors in preparation for medical school applications (next year!)  His first day he saw some pretty cool surgeries and got some really great experience, AND he got to wear scrubs- like a real doctor!  (Is that weird that I thought that was the coolest part of it all?)
  • I've been working with the Bradley PR lab on campus.  The Bradley Lab is an actual functioning PR firm with real clients an accounts.  I love the account we're working on and I have a really fun team.
  • Blake and I went to Brian Regan tonight! I bought those tickets for him back in October for one of his Christmas presents.  Right after I bought them we saw an ad for Brian Regan in the Daily Universe (Campus newspaper).  We were looking at it and Blake said "Cool! Brian Regan's coming, that would be really fun to go to" to which I responded "I don't think he's that funny, and it would probably be really expensive... and dumb" (It actually pained me to say this, but I didn't want him to suspect anything and I REALLY didn't want him to go and buy me tickets as a surprise)  Well he was hilarious, as expected, tons of new material and we had such a good time!
  • A few days ago, I studied for 2 1/2 hours for a stupid quiz and got a dang 2/5 on it.  This particular class has nothing to do with my major but I am required to take it anyway.  I hate it more than I hated how loud the gum-chewer in the testing center was chomping away in my ear all during my test today.  It is the worst class ever.  Well I was pretty annoyed after that stupid quiz so Blake got me some ice cream in the WILK. (once again, BYU lingo) My sweet husband knows that ice cream is like a drug to me and it lifts my spirits like nothing else can.  (also, i go through some pretty intense withdrawals after a few days without the stuff) To demonstrate my love: Among other things, Blake got me 2 cartons of ice cream for Valentine's Day.  He knew it would be my favorite present
  • In other news, I'm trying to cut back on ice cream
  • Because:
  • In less than 2 months, we will be going here:spain-overview.jpg
SPAIN!!!! And Italy and France.  I am SOOO excited! We're going to Spain to visit Blake's mission to Barcelona, then we're going on a cruise with Blake's family to Italy, Spain and France.  I can't wait! (this is where the whole "cutting back on the ice cream" thing comes in... ) Only less than two months.. less than two months... Blake has so many old friends that he can't wait to see and I can't wait to meet! I'm so excited to tell you about all of our adventures.