Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Open Letter

To all participants of any BYU intramural flag football league:

If you rip one more of my husband's shirts while going for his flag, I'mma kill you. Not like "oh my gosh, I can't believe you just did that, I'm going to kill you!" No, literally, I will kill you.  Blake has lost way too many shirts playing flag football, and is only allowed to wear the already-ripped ones to games from now on.

Sidenote: Hey refs, when they grab and tear a shirt literally in half, it's called holding. Blow your whistle, and I will stop yelling at you. That is how our relationship will work.

Blake's in the middle of his intramural season, a.k.a the happiest time of his life. The only hard thing about this pregnancy is not being able to play any co-ed intramurals with him.  It's kind of sad that last year was our last chance for that, but we got to play on a basketball and softball team together, which was so much fun! You really don't want to mess with our basketball team. Really, you don't. 

Other than intramurals, Blake's in the process of submitting his secondary applications to medical school. The process is, first you send out primary's, and then from that the schools decide whether or not to send you a secondary, and then after you turn those in, the schools contact you to come for an interview, and then you wait in agonizing anticipation to see if they have accepted you. 

We've also been having a lot of fun with our ward. Right before I left for New York, Blake got called to be in the bishopric of a singles' ward. I was able to go to our new ward once before I left for my internship, and Blake stayed behind and attended a singles' ward... by himself... for two months. Hilarious. By the way, I forgot how many activities singles' wards have! We are having the best time! Pool parties, dutch oven dinners, bonfires up the canyon, breakfasts, and that's just the start. We really miss our old ward, but we are having so much fun with this new one. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July!

The Fourth of July is favorite holiday- even topping Christmas! Can you believe that?

My mom is one of the Vice Presidents of the Freedom Festival so for our family, the Fourth of July is a combination of really exciting patriotic events mixed with barbecues and the biggest firework show in the country.  


Our holiday started out with the annual Patriotic Service in the Marriott Center.  Last year, Steve Young was the keynote speaker and I interviewed him for this article, (last year I also pulled double duty as a stage manager? Stage worker? Theatrical friends, what is this called? My mom volunteered my 5 month pregnant sister and myself to dress in black and move the sets on and off the stage during scene changes... good times Mom.)

This year, there was no keynote speaker, it was more of a program.  It was really incredible. All you who live in Provo and have never been, you are missing out! Oh that's a picture of my cute parents afterward


This is my parents with my niece Lily and Miss United Nations and Miss Africa Utah.  Miss United Nations is from Tajikistan. This was pretty cool because I got to spend the day with the ambassador of Tajikistan when they came for an ambassador's picnic on Governor's Island, NY hosted by the LDS Public and International Affairs office. I told you there was still a lot I wanted to blog about New York.


My parents gave us tickets to a Mark Wills/Mark Chesnutt concert, which was awesome.  We sat next to Miss America, who I'm sorry to tell you, wears a wig.  But she wears it well! We were able to go to a meet and greet before the concert, and they were really funny.  Especially Mark Wills, you can tell he loves his fans.


This is my cute mom and Blake.

One of my favorite parts of our annual Fourth of July celebration is the Freedom Awards Gala.  It's a formal dinner where 3-4ish people are awarded each year for their outstanding contributions to promoting freedom. F. Enzio Busche, an emeritus member of the Quorum of the Seventy was one of the people awarded this year.  It's always a great celebration for freedom, as well as a strong reminder to be grateful for the freedoms we all experience each day living in America. 


Honey wore one of my high school dance dresses! She looked gorgeous, and could definitely zip it up easier than I could.


In the middle of our celebrations, Natalie had her adorable baby, Eliza Clawson! She's gorgeous, and Natalie is such a rockstar. She definitely didn't look like she just had a baby. Peterson grandbaby #9.  That is crazy!


Blake came to the hospital to help watch kids in the lobby during the delivery. 


Then, of course, we finished up with the Stadium of Fire! (Blake politely informed me that he might kill me if I sing the song one more time.) We were able to go backstage to the pre-show and post-show and hang out with the performers. Good times!


Here's Chad Lewis at the pre-show, He went to my elementary school, junior high, and high school.  I'm sure he remembers coming to my elementary school for an assembly to encourage us all to read when I was in fourth grade.  I'm sure that had just as strong of an impact on him as it did on me. :)

We finished off the week by going to the festival in Provo and buying matching ties for our little guy and Blake.  Oh adorable! We had such a great time! Thanks mom and dad :)