Friday, October 22, 2010


This guy:

Got one of these:

So he opened it

And found out he was called to.....

Malaga, Spain!!!

Blake couldn't be there when Sean opened his call because he was in class, but as soon as he got to my parent's house, Sean re-enacted it for him. :)  Since Blake served in Barcelona, he was so excited to hear that Sean was going to Spain! And since they changed the mission boundaries a little bit, some of Sean's areas are some of Blake's old areas. (Oh, I un-grounded Blake from the blog for the time being.)

I can't believe Sean's already going on a mission.  We are all going to miss him so bad.  Sean's going to do such a great job.  He's been excited to serve a mission since he was tiny.  I can't even think about him leaving for two years, but he is so happy and prepared.  I'm so grateful for Sean and his example but we are going to miss him like crazy! Especially all the nieces and nephews.  Sean is for sure the favorite uncle.  


And just to demonstrate Sean's enthusiasm, here's a picture he photoshopped of what he foresees his mission experience to be like. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"We're kind of a big deal.."

Go BYU PRSSA!!! We won the outstanding chapter award at National Conference on Monday!!! Outstanding chapter is the award given to the chapter excelling in eleven different categories, including outstanding website, newsletter, faculty, member services and diversity, (haha, really? At BYU?) to name a few.  Out of more than 300 chapters, that's not bad.  And that plaque is going to look pretty good hanging up in our display case when we get back to Provo. I'll link the press release as soon as I finish it.

According to Professor Walton, "Wow, we really are a big deal!"

Right after we won.  Best night!

  "We are PR Superstars" These shirts were hilarious.

Yes, this picture was necessary. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More D.C.

So I know the real reason we came to D.C.  wasn't to see the sights... but that happened anyway, so here's a bunch of pictures. 

Here's Patrick and I in front of the sign for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery.  Patrick just got hired by GM! Hurray for internships turning into jobs! Also, follow him on twitter, legit thought leader right here. 

At Arlington Cemetery.  It was so incredible.  It is so sobering to see all the graves and to have a visual like that to illustrate the amount of people that have served and fought for our country. 

In front of Ford's Theatre.. obviously.. because there's a giant sign above me telling you all where I am. 

This was so cool, I'm standing between Joseph Smith and Brigham Young at the Smithsonian.  We went to see the exhibit of one of my FAVORITE painters, Norman Rockwell.  All the pictures on display were from the collections of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.  There were some I had never seen before.  Norman Rockwell's originals are so much cooler than the prints.  It was awesome! 

Here's the fabulous Lauren Lytle and I 

Me, Lauren, Steve and Nick in front of the White House.  Thanks for getting the WH in the picture, random street lady. 

Oh here we go, with a little sass thrown in. Especially on Steve's part.

Probably the main reason for me uploading these next pictures are because of the fact that Haley and my eyes are closed in almost every picture.  How does that even happen? This is in front of the National Archives by the way.  We saw the Nuremberg laws in there, complete with Hitler's original signature, which was very eerie.  We also saw the Constitution, Declaration, Bill of Rights, AND Magna Carta.

Please don't click on this picture to make it bigger because you will see that my eyes are closed.. again.

Patrick, Nick, Haley, Steve, Me and Brandon

Please, we HAD to get a hot dog from a street vendor!

Haley and I on the metro

This is blurry because the metro was moving.  Thanks Steve for risking your life to take this picture of us.

And Lauren and I in our chapter shirts before one of the sessions.  I realize there is an overwhelming number of pictures of ME on this blog, but hey, it's my blog.  (Yes, I'm claiming this blog all on my own.  I feel like that's justified considering the fact that Blake just asked me what the URL was for our blog again a few days ago.  So Blake is grounded from the blog until further notice.)

Here's one last picture.  All the girls before a joint session of PRSA/PRSSA.  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good and Bad

The good news:  I'm in DC!
The bad news: without Blake.

The good news: I'm here for the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference.
The bad news: Blake isn't here

The good news: This is the coolest opportunity to network, build relationships, and learn more about the profession that I am slowly assimilating into with every press release, every tweet, and every article I write; and since I'm on the Executive Board, for the BYU chapter of PRSSA, this trip was basically all paid for.
The bad news:  I'm Blake-less.... you get the picture.  But it's only six days, and I'll be back on Tuesday, oh you know, the day before my 22nd birthday!! Wednesday. 

So I'm here with 5 of the 8 members of the E-board having a blast.  Tomorrow is the first official day of conference, so today we did the tourist thing.

Me, Michelle T., and Lauren on the plane.  And creeper Nick in the background.  Oh I died my hair darker! I love it.  Not my best picture though, cut me some slack, it was the end of the flight.

These were supposed to look cooler.  We're on a really sweet looking escalator off of the metro.  OK now I can see the idea seemed cooler in my head.

The girls in front of the Capitol. Me, Haley, Lauren and Michelle T.

Haley and I 

We saw some amazing memorials today too, but I'll post about them tomorrow.  My favorite was the Pentagon memorial.  So peaceful and still so somber.  I am so grateful for our country, and so very proud to be an American.