Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a BOY!!!!

If you are my Facebook friend, which you probably are, then you know we're having a boy! I thought it was a boy all along, and Blake started to think so too.  I was SO EXCITED when the doctor confirmed our would-be parental instincts (or lucky guess). It is so fun being able to concentrate on getting ready for mini-Blake to arrive.

We went to the doctor on Tuesday and got to see our little guy on the screen.  He's so cute already.  I have never been one to like ultrasound pictures (some are just so creepy looking!) But he is adorable.  The more we are able to get ready for him, the more excited we get.  Blake and I love to say "our son." It's my favorite thing.  Example, "Blake, our son is kicking a lot right now." 

We Blake has been painting the crib:

With a little help.  Blake's nephew Will has been our little buddy the last few days.  He comes to visit us a lot and has been telling me what kinds of toys little boys like to play with so I can be prepared.

 And here's a 20 week picture.  Half-way there! So far I've been feeling awesome.  The first trimester was tough.  It was near the end of a tough semester, and I was running out of classes to go throw up.  Luckily I had very understanding professors and bosses, (plus I go to BYU, they're used to pregnant students.)

Once I started the second trimester, I felt so good.  Which was a huge blessing because I was already in New York and it was hard enough being away from Blake.  I had some pretty killer headaches, but other than that I felt amazing.  My joints hurt now, and I feel like I'm 100 years old when my back and hips ache so bad that I'm hobbling around. And there there's the heartburn, oh the heartburn! But I look at how hard some other people's pregnancies are and I feel really lucky.  I've felt really good.  

I haven't really had weird cravings, I just want the food I already love all the time.  I ALWAYS want a burger, and I will never say no to ice cream, but that is pretty standard. 
Blake and I at the Lehi Rodeo Friday night.  By the way, finally a stranger asked me how far along I was! I was SO excited because that means I'm getting out of the "is that girl just chubby" stage to the "I think she's pregnant"stage.  Sweet!

Babies Everywhere!

There's still so much I want to blog about New York, but for now, I'm home!

Our really good friends, Garrett and Andrea, had their beautiful baby girl last week.  They let us come to the hospital and see them, which got Blake and I even more excited for our own.  Here's some pictures of some of our pre-baby hijinx:

 The Bodines
 BYU's YBALL (Basically prom for married people, don't make fun), it was so fun to just attend the event and not be in charge of the event like 2 years ago....STRESSFUL! Last year I had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was awesome :)
 Guys, we do a lot of things that require us dress up.  Next time lets hang out in sweats.

Beautiful Callie Jane Bodine!

Blake's sister Lindsey had her baby, Steele, (sweet name, huh?) about 4 weeks ago.  They're coming to Utah in a few weeks so we can meet him!  My sister Natalie was due with a girl last week, she's scheduled to be induced on Tuesday.  So exciting! Our baby is going to be grandbaby #7 on the Steele side and #10 on the Peterson side.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pressure and Equilibrium

Blake has been known to say- in the most positive way possible- that all those chemistry and physics classes he's taken have completely ruined his life.  

Not that he hasn't loved them, he is extremely interested in those topics, but because he has learned so much that they have completely changed the way that thinks about things.  He can hardly drive in a car without it sparking a thought on velocity, and the power of acceleration, yada yada yada...

While we were together in New York, I got up one morning to go to the bathroom at 5:00 am-because that's what you do when you're pregnant-and when I opened the door to our room, I heard something fall.  I turned around and asked a very groggy Blake what happened.  He responded, still half asleep, 

Blake: "well when you opened the door, the pressure in the room changed.  Before the door was opened, the room was at equilibrium, and because the window is open..." 

Me: "Oh my gosh, Blake, what happened?"

Blake: "The bag fell off the windowsill."

....Thank you. 

This is a variation of basically the exact same conversation that we have almost daily.  I love it, I have learned quite a bit since we've been married. Never mind the fact that the only science class I took in college was Bio 100, ask me about buoyancy. (I got this lesson on the Staten Island Ferry going to see the Statue of Liberty.)

Never a dull moment.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Hear it for New York!

I took a little blogging hiatus for a few weeks because Blake came to visit! We had the best time! We hadn't seen each other in 4 weeks, which, if you're wondering, is 4 weeks too long.

  • Went to a Yankees Game, Yankees v. Blue Jays, even though they played Toronto, it was still the most exciting Major League Baseball game I've ever seen. 
  •  Rented a row boat in Central Park and rowed around the lake for an hour. That was one of my favorite things we did, it was gorgeous.  We saw turtles everywhere! It was such a fun afternoon.

  • Went to Bethesda Fountain
  • Visited Rockefeller Center
  • Magnolia's Bakery

  • Serendipity

  • ...and many more ice cream stands on the streets that my pregnant self dragged Blake along to
  • Shopped at a few local street fairs
  • Watched Top Gun on the top deck of the U.S.S Intrepid that's docked in NY Harbor.  (This ship has since been converted to a museum)

    • Times Square, this is about two weeks old, but I think I'm 16 weeks in this picture. Officially 4 months!

    • Went to Grimaldi's Pizza...twice. It was worth the 1 hour and 45 minute wait, seriously, it was.

    • Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

     (sidenote: the definition of anxiety is wearing white pants in NYC.)
    • Took a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty (please excuse my shoes, too much walking!)
    • Went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and even saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit


    • Went to the Natural History Museum (where we saw the one and only Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World, oh and Tony Hawk, but come on, Mr. Feeny!!)
    Blake did a good job fake posing for this picture. I'm so mad that i didn't take a picture with Mr. Feeny! 

    • Visited Ground Zero.  This little chapel, St. Paul's Church, I think, is directly across the street from Ground Zero. It's been turned into a reverent memorial for the events of that day.  It is beautiful inside, and very sobering. Firefighters napped on the benches before getting called back into "the pit," and their boots and helmets left deep scuff marks on the benches.  Rather than replace them, the church preserved them as a memento of the sacrifices made. This is also one of the oldest churches in America. Immediately after George Washington was inaugurated, he came here to pray.
    • Soho

    •  Greenwich Village, my favorite area for sure

    • Took a tour of the U.N., and sat in the General Assembly room (17 weeks pregnant, here comes the bump!)
    • Saw "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" on Broadway.  We sat fourth row, and Daniel Radcliffe is the lead performer. He was awesome! We loved it!

    • Went to the Apollo Theater, and cringed as the rest of the audience boo-ed people off the stage
    • Went to Roxy's in Time Square
    • China town/Little Italy
    • and did lots, and lots of walking
      He just left today, but I already miss him so much! We had the best time together, and even though it's been really tough being so far away from Blake and our families, I know I'm going to look back on this experience and be glad I came.  I've learned so much in this internship, and I can't write too much about it because there are strict privacy rules, but I really love it. I've met great people and New York in the Spring is tough to argue with. 

      By the way, we've been feeling our little baby kick! And he/she is very strong already! I'd write more about it, but I think our peanut deserves its own post later on.