Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I used to live in Boston, and when I first moved there, I didn't know anyone.  But luckily, I quickly met this lovely person: 
Carly Jo.  She was so sweet! She introduced me to all the fun people and helped me squeeze in a small portion of a social life ( I was really busy all the time because I was there doing an internship, but I really appreciated Carly for helping me have fun in my small amounts of free time.)

Some of us at the Wine Store in Coolidge Corner in Boston where Carly's brothers were playing a show. 
On the T, probably leaving the show. 

At Carly's apartment for someone's birthday party

So I was REALLY excited when I heard that Carly was coming to Provo for a weekend! I was so excited that she could come visit while she was here!  Here we are over a year later, I'm married and Carly just got her mission call to Temple Square! You'll be awesome Carly JO!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Time Comin'

Warning: there are a LOT of pictures on this post!

Pretty friends at the Temple

(Most of) the boys


Oh hello there handsome husband.

The rest of my pretty friends at the Temple.
Jennica, Jennifer, me, Lauren and Ashley (not pictured: Mindy!)

Sorry, more kissing pictures, couldn't resist!

My family at the Temple
Blake's family at the Temple

The Reception:

My Beautiful Bridesmaids!
Emma did a really good job holding up my skirt, and holding my bouquet, and trying to wear my veil.... she loves weddings!

I hope I can look like my mom one day. 
Blake's aunt made our wedding cake. It was gorgeous! She is so talented!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

jack of all trades

Wow, look! 
I cut Blake's hair*

all by myself**

with no help from anyone***

and no prior experience****

and it looks great!*****

*by "I" of course I mean my sister Lisa, who is a professional hairdresser
**once again, all by myself? yeah...right...
*** the one tiny piece of hair that i actually did cut by myself was right above his right ear and resulted in a very apologetic "oops" from me immediately following the cut, and was then accompanied by a darling frown/smile. 
**** i've actually cut my barbie's hair tons of times growing up, so this isn't entirely true.  And they always looked awesome so how much harder can human hair be?  
***** actually, this statement needs no asterisks, he does look great, even though i lobsided his head, it's really hard for this boy to not look amazing.  (I like to call him Senor Handsom-pants)