Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amazing Special Effects

Thank you Chloe for posting this music video.  This is just too good not to share.  Best music video I've EVER seen.


Friday, August 6, 2010


My sweet grandpa, Papa passed away on Saturday.  My siblings and I were so incredibly blessed to grow up next door to him and my grandma, Honey. We were over there almost every single day.  They are the most amazing people.  They have been through so much in their lives but they are consistently the strongest examples of Christlike love and forgiveness. 

After he passed, there was such a strong outpouring of love from neighbors, friends, and relatives.  Honey and Papa have so many friends.  They were both schoolteachers and Papa taught drivers' ed too for years and years so basically everywhere we go, someone stops them to tell them hi and thank them for being such great teachers.

Almost all of my favorite childhood memories involve Honey and Papa.  They took us everywhere! From renting a cabin every year at fish lake to taking us out to eat or to get ice cream a few times a week, to fun fishing trips. We had the opportunity to be with Papa every day right up to the end of his life. I am so grateful for the huge blessing it has been to be Papa's granddaughter.  I am grateful for all the things he taught me, and all the things I learned just from watching his example.  His funeral is on Monday at 11.  As hard as it is, I'm excited to get to share the many wonderful stories and memories that I have with him. 

One of my favorites is ever since I was little, Papa would hold me on his lap and read me the "funnies." He would read me every box in the Sunday comics and then we would start reading the jokes in the Reader's Digest.  He would explain every single joke to me (because I was 3).  After we were done with the funnies, Papa would read me books.  This was always a ritual for us.  He got me so excited about learning to read and about going to school so I could learn as much as I could. Papa was the smartest man I've ever known.  As soon as I could read, I always had a book in my hand, and I've had a deep love of reading and learning ever since, all because of Papa. When he and Honey were serving one of their missions, they were in St. George serving at the visitor's center,  Jacob Hamblin home, and other Southern Utah historic sites.  While they were there, Papa read 74 books about the areas they were serving in because he loved to learn. 

Papa, We love and miss you so much. You were one of my best friends and I am so grateful that I got to be your granddaughter.

Papa always had a huge smile on his face

With Honey, Papa, and my sweet grandma Peterson at our wedding

I know a lot of the people who read my blog grew up with me and had your own great experiences with Papa and Honey and have great memories of them taking you out for ice cream or just giving you a cookie when you came to visit.  I've had friends tell me that Papa was more of a grandpa to them than their own grandparents. I'm linking to his obituary here so you can read it and see the viewing and funeral information

Monday, August 2, 2010

You can thank the crazies

Due to some recent nut-jobs, (i mean really, some down right crazy people) our blog is going private.  If you want to read it then you can send me your email address on facebook or email me at