Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Forgetting Stuff

You know how people say that pregnancy makes you forgetful? Well I always scoffed at that idea (yes, that's right, I said scoffed).  How could being pregnant possibly make you forgetful? What correlation do the two have? In fact, about a month ago I told Blake quite smugly-you see, I get smug when I think generalizations don't apply to myself- that even though people claim that pregnancy causes forgetfulness, I was living proof that it does not.  My memory was just as sharp as ever.  And by sharp, I mean really sharp, because I have always prided myself on my memory.  You're allowed to pride yourself on at least one thing, right?

Well a few days after this very conversation took place, I was getting ready to leave for work in the morning.  Blake was already in class.  I grabbed my laptop, my cellphone, my lunch, my water bottle, and then I stepped onto our porch and shut the door to my apartment.  In that very second that the door clicked shut, I realized with sinking hopes of getting to work on time that my car and apartment keys were locked inside, as was our spare key.  Great.  So what does my rational brain think to do? Oh maybe just start to walk to work...about 3 miles away... in the late morning sun...8 months heels.  Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.  I walked for about 5 minutes before I even thought to stop and think, "what the heck am I doing?" So I called my dad, who in typical dad fashion came to my rescue by picking me up and taking me to work. Once in the car I thought, what just happened? I don't forget things, I really don't! Or maybe I do, I can't remember.

Last weekend, I went up to my parents' house in Midway to watch General Conference with my family.  Blake was going to come up the next day.  I got in the car and drove all the way up to Midway.  Once I got there, I opened up my back door to get my bag out, only it wasn't there.  So I called Blake, "yeah, it's right here in our apartment by the door."  What is happening to me!? That night, I went up to the Park City outlets with my mom and sister.  While drooling over the delicious baby boy polos and corduroy pants at the Ralph Lauren store, I suddenly realized: My phone is gone! 

I ran (yes, you heard me, I actually ran in this current state of mine) up to Baby Gap to hopefully retrieve my phone.  In retrospect, why did I run? I don't have an iPhone (woe is me) so who would even want to steal my relic of a cellphone?  I ran in the doors and asked the very hairy teenager behind the counter if he found a phone.  "Yes, can you describe it?" Seriously? I was just in there like 15 minutes ago.  "Okay, it's black and old, and not cool, and not a smart phone." "Yeah, here it is.  I actually saw you leave it on the counter before you left." .....Really? And you didn't think to say, "Hey lady, you left your phone???"

Anyway, aside from feeling like a complete moron when my boss asks me a question at work and I completely forget the answer to it mid-sentence, having a 10 second short-term memory span has its perks.  For instance I have completely stopped depending on myself.  See? No pressure.  Also, I'm getting really good at not feeling dumb when I start to tell a story and then suddenly remember that I can't remember the ending.  Like water off a duck's back I tell ya.

However, its still a very small price to pay in exchange for a sweet little baby boy in 5 weeks.  I hear that your memory never fully comes back, but when I'm holding my little baby, and Blake asks me what the capital of Uganda is, and I can't remember? Who cares.  (Kampala! Only I really do still remember that, I didn't even look it up, I promise.)

P.S., I don't have any pictures yet, but my mother-in-law threw me a really fun shower last Saturday.  It was a blast, and I'm so grateful to everyone who came.  Thank you!