Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Furthering my education..

Dear friends,

One assignment that I have for my Mass Comms class is to keep a blog throughout the whole semester on the subject of "Broadcast Indecency", you know, the Janet Jackson scandal, Don Imus, the FCC, all that stuff...

Anyway, my teacher is grading us on how many visitors we get, how many comments we get, and who is reading. If you have a minute, drop on by, leave a comment and be on your way. I would REALLY appreciate it!

Thank you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm so happy it's summer, especially when Blake and I don't have work or school (which is never) but last week we had the rare occasion of neither of us having to work.  So we went on a bike ride to Bridal Veil! (Is anyone besides me terrified of the recent bear sightings up there?)

And look how adorable this is, this is at my parent's house right before we left. My niece Sophie is visiting and she loves Blake.  She always climbs on his lab right when we come over. 

And these are totally unrelated, this is us with Tiff and Shane at Chili's a few days ago

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Love America!

In my family, the fourth of July isn't just a day of events, it's a whole week.  We're a patriotic bunch around here.

1) The Patriotic Service.  This year Matthew Holland spoke (the President of UVU and Elder Holland's son) He is such a great guy and he did an incredible job.  He spoke all about Abraham Lincoln and there was a Lincoln impersonator in the audience.  It was awesome! (Abe even told Blake and I that we were "a handsome couple"... thanks President)

2) The Freedom Awards Gala.  The Gala is always one of my favorite events of the whole thing.  The Freedom Festival honors the Freedom Awards Recipients. (I'll write more about them later)  It is always such a beautiful and emotional night.  

Tiff, Me and Laura...and of course, it wouldn't be a picture without Dave's little head peeking in the corner

My hot husband and I.  This picture, however, did not come without a price.  Allow me to demonstrate:

Blake loves this picture.  If you look closely you'll see that my left hand is still in flight motion.  But before you report domestic abuse, allow me to explain:  Blake has this rare but very serious condition.  Every time he sees a camera pointed in his general direction, he pulls this terrible face.  I know, i know, we're all suffering.  Unfortunately the only cure is if I lovingly hit him to remind him that he can control his disease and I believe in him.  I know he can overcome it if he only puts his mind to it.  Thank heavens he was able to regain control after this picture.  

3) On the fourth we all went swimming at my parent's neighborhood pool.  I hate going swimming if I can't REALLY go swimming. (ie get my hair wet).  The fourth of July was one of those days because I had SO much homework and I really had to be reading most of the day so I just laid out on the side of the pool and took funny pictures of Blake.  Such as:

P.S he TOTALLY wasted all the four year olds that he was having a water fight with.  Way to go babe, show 'em who's boss!

4)The Stadium of FIRE! What's up, Glenn Beck? (I should probably mention that my mom is one of the VP's of the Freedom Festival, hence all the sweet hookups.) This is a picture from the pre-show in the Cougar Club room.  

Oh you know, just hanging out with my friends Kevin, Nick and Joe.  

Catch ya later Glenn, it's been real.

SheDaisy.  LOVE them! 

Us at the Stadium.  Plus a bum in the background (the actual bum, not the man behind us)

At the post-show.  Sophie was pretty tuckered out.  Blake is the best uncle.  We had so much fun! I love love LOVE the fourth of july!


Remember this?

What NOW Skookie? I made these eclairs from scratch! Take that you oversized cookie skillet!