Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Private Post!

and it's going to be lame because I lost my camera!!!

I can't find it anywhere and it has tons of important pictures on it that I haven't uploaded yet.  I am so mad! I can't even post pictures of my gorgeous niece Chloe Noelle Barker who was born on the 24th.  

So as soon as I find it I'll finally blog again.  

Sorry for the lame post.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I had such a fun birthday! I turned 22 on the 10-20-2010.  22 feels old... but the exact same at the same time.  My sister Tiffany took me to get a pedicure, and we invited the other sisters along. (Minus Natalie who lives in North Carolina, we missed you Nat!) 

Tiff (she's due in 2 weeks!) Lisa, and Steph

The quintessential sorority sister toe picture. Tiff and I have the snowflakes and Steph and Lisa kept it classy with the monochromes.  I always have so much fun with my sisters.  Every time we get together we end up laughing our heads off.

On Sunday, Blake's mom threw me a birthday party combined with the family halloween party.  It was a blast.  Ever since I was little, I have loved having a halloween-ish birthday.  I always begged my mom for costume parties, and my mom got pretty creative with craft and game ideas for my birthday parties.  She always made me very elaborate cakes with fake spiders and things all over them.  I loved it! This year's birthday cake fell into the same category :)

Tom and Cami making their cupcakes

Hubs and I

Andrea and Lauren.  Andrea bought all of the supplies, so thank you shout-out to Andrea!

Luke and Will decorating cupcakes

Mine and Blake's cupcakes.  Mine is the one on the left with the eyelashes on it's singe eye (of course,) and Blake's is the sweet one that looks like it was made by the cake boss himself

Me with my "birthday cake," everyone's finished product.  It was so fun!

The donut-on-a-string competition.  That's my #22, putting that donut away like a champ.

Haha I love this picture.  Blake and Tom are locked in a head-to-head battle to the death to see who can chew their donut the fastest in order to be the first one to let out an audible whistle and be declared the champion.  Blake won.  I've never been so proud. 

P.S: Jennica and Dave, we had a blast at your murder mystery party!! I wish I took pictures! That was easily one of our highlights of the semester