Monday, February 22, 2010

Points of Interest

  • I got in to my major!!! Yes! I am officially a public relations major at BYU.  The monster sized boulder of stress I have been carrying around for so long has greatly diminished, and it feels great! 
  • YBall is over! (more to come on this later) and it was a major success!
  • Tomorrow is sister Tiff's 25th birthday.  Since her husband will be gone all day we're celebrating with one of the Peterson girls legendary GNO's.  (Girls Night Outs, for all you boys... if boys even read my blog, or even blogs period)
  • Hmmm, I'm running out of bullet points...
  • Oh I remembered something, I feel totally comfortable writing this on my blog because, as you remember, I'm quite sure no men read this, and this is only a topic of interest to women.  I'm cutting my hair to my shoulders I think.  (wow, is that so dumb of me to think anyone cares?) the only problem is after I decide to cut it, then I take the time to do it and then I love it long again.. oh decisions
  • Blake is the most fun person to be with in the entire universe.  I have so much fun with him every single day.  
  • Is it pretty obvious that I've run out of "points of interest?"
  • I'm not even in a blogging mood tonight
  • so why did I start this?
  • anyway:

on a side note, if Jake picks Vienna, he is seriously one of the biggest idiots that has ever lived.. ever, ever. 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pictures Galore

In honor of finally figuring out the picture situation, here's a bunch of stuff we've been doing:

We went ice skating for Steph's birthday and Blake helped Lily almost the whole time, look at how happy she is about it!

Here's half of our faces to prove we were there together

My cute parents ice skating

Tiff and Shane got the cutest little puppy on Christmas Eve!

We opened presents with each other at our own apartment on Christmas before going to each other's parents houses

What we found at Blake's parent's house.  Luke in his leopard snuggie shooting squirrels or something like that with his new game he got for the wii

We played with babies.  This is Blake's nephew Ryan

Lily loves Blake! He is always reading her stories or playing with her.  Every time he walks in she yells "BLAKE! Come get me!!"

Did anyone else see the moon on New Year's Eve? It was sooo cool! Blake went outside and took a picture of it for me when I was too cold even though he said "it just looks like a little dot.." and he was totally right, but it was crazy gorgeous in real life!

I cut my bangs, and Blake turned into a mountain man?

We went to the Jazz game with my parents

We boo-ed the Birdman

And Tiff's puppy Zoey wore diapers... seriously. It even had a little hole for her tail to poke through!

There you have it, our Christmas Break in pictures. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I figured it out, BY MYSELF!

Thanks for nothing Apple guy.  I figured out how to fix my pictures on my own thank you very much!
Here are some pictures of when Tom came home (mainly for you, Lindsey :)

Waiting for Tom's plane to land

Blake and I with baby Ryan

Some more waiting pics, notice Laurel checking her watch

McKell and Andrea with the sign they made, Will's face is so funny!

This is SO FUNNY!  Every person in this picture looks hilarious!
Luke and Blake are showing off their best "anxiously waiting" faces


He's home!

Blake and Tom (they had only seen each other for 20 minutes in the last four years)

Enough said..

Tom with his identical twin