Thursday, September 10, 2009


Give a man your blog address, and he'll check it every six months... maybe
But teach a man how to blog, and he'll post inscrutable "anonymous" messages on it.

I believe Blake's comments were directed to his thought that there is an unequal amount of him in comparison to me on this blog, to which I reply, "My darling, (yes, that's how we speak to each other) My darling, you are also an authorized blogger on and you are more than welcome to make your much anticipated blog entrance at any time!  Well, he did.  And although I know he was totally kidding, and really could not possibly care less what is on our blog,  I'm still going to give him a little more time in the spotlight:

Behold,  the many faces of my husband:

Universe-rescuer Extrodinaire.    

Protector of the innocent

Troubled "bad egg" John Wayne-esque cowboy man

World's greatest fish catcher and harbinger of gorgeous sunrises 

Most gorgeous man who has ever lived... wow!

There's more, oh my is there more; but that's all for now.  

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Michelle's Secret Admirerer

Hello Michelle's blog.  It looks really nice.  You are amazing. Apparently you married some loser who doesn't have a family.  You are really pretty.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So Blake and I were on our weekly date-night and we decided to go to a movie.  On our way there, we were distracted by the attractive flashing lights of Walgreens that advertised "3 BOXES OF CANDY FOR $2.00!" Or something like that.  Being the hopeless candy addicts that we are, (okay, fine, being the hopeless candy addict that I am) we stopped to get some candy for the movie.  Since all I had eaten that day was ice cream and candy, I decided that Blake should pick two of the candies and I would pick one.  Little did I know that he picks the WORST CANDY EVER! Behold:

.......dots and mike and ike's???? really???  please allow me fill you all in on the incredible candy selection they had there.  Mini Milky Ways and Butterfinger Bits galore!!! But Mike and Ike's and Dots? Wow.  Maybe there's some truth to the thought that women like chocolate more than men do.  What did I pick you ask?

Butterfinger Bites of course! (weird picture, blake was making me laugh...again..) I now promoted myself to head-candy-chooser for our household, and we will all benefit from my choices.