Monday, April 26, 2010

Funny Guy

My husband is so funny.  I love him so much.  Every day he makes me laugh my head off. Here's some proof:  A few weeks ago we were sitting in sunday school together at church.  This is noteworthy in and of itself because Blake got called to the Bishopric so we can never sit together during sacrament and I'm in the nursery/primary (our ward isn't big enough to have them separate :) so I don't get to go to sunday school or relief society very often.  So anyway, we were sitting together in Sunday School and the teachers asked everyone to turn to a specific scripture.  It just so happens that I didn't bring my scriptures that day, (I usually do, I promise.) Blake and I were sitting on the front row so I knew we'd be called on to start reading.  I leaned towards Blake and reached for his scriptures to share, but he moved them out of my reach, turned to me and whispered,

"Get your own oil"

I had the hardest time trying not to laugh.  I was not very successful.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Prom... again

     First things first: Finals are over! YES!!! Blake rocked them as always, and I... finished.  Anyway it feels so good to be done! Mainly because in one week from today, we'll be on an airplane flying into to Barcelona.  What a way to celebrate a first anniversary! Speaking of, I can't believe we've almost been married for a year.  We've had so much fun and I am so grateful for Blake and more than anything I'm so grateful that I get to be with him forever.  I have so much fun with him everyday.  He is the best and I am so lucky. I'm not one to get all mushy on the blog so I'll keep it at that.  

    Oh I cut my hair, a little over a foot is gone now. (Did i already say this on my blog?) It's fun and I love it, I think I'm going to cut it even shorter now. Alright no one cares.  I'll just update you on some things we've been up to:

    Blake and I, along with our good friends Garrett and Andrea chaperoned a high school prom last week.  (Garrett, Blake, and I all have younger siblings that are on student council) It was a lot of fun, mostly because Blake's little sister McKell is the one who asked us to chaperone so I didn't tell my little brother Sean that I was going to be there until I actually saw him there.  I ran up to him and grabbed his arm in the middle of the dance and he turned around, froze, and then yelled "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Probably the last person he was planning on seeing at his senior prom.  It was pretty funny.  I didn't even spy on him though, I just concentrated on keeping the water pitchers filled up and stayed in my corner :) We had a ton of fun with Garrett and Andrea though.  We went to dinner beforehand and it was pretty embarrassing how many people at the restaurant asked us if we were part of a prom group... 

At the restaurant with Garrett and Andrea

Before the dance started. Poor Sean, he got the scare of his life

Sean and his date.  I didn't get a picture of Mckell but she looked beautiful! I had so much fun doing her makeup before prom, that girl is gorgeous

This is Blake's dancing face, it really is. 

Handsome, handsome husband.  We took a carriage ride after prom :) My MIL Laurel is so sweet, she had the carriage people stay late so that we could go for a ride.  We had a ton of fun and I loved getting to go to prom with my husband.. how many people can say that?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Almost there!!!

I want to blog so bad but I just can't justify it when I'm still in the midst of finals week.  Only one more (+ a paper) and then I can blog all I want.  Take that school!