Thursday, March 22, 2012

True Beauty

Do you know what is beautiful?

I'll tell you.

Those early morning hours, holding my sweet baby and rocking him back to sleep- as only his mother can, I'll have you know, and knowing that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing, what I was always meant to do.

I saw this the other day on Pinterest, and loved it so much.

President Hinckley always puts it so beautifully. It's seems like such a fundamental truth, that motherhood is a birthright.  I am more and more grateful every day for choosing this path over some "bauble of passing value."

I had some acquaintances who had a hard time understanding why I worked so hard in school and completed internship after grueling internship, if I knew all along that I wanted to "just" be a mom.  Before Isaac, I knew this was the right choice for me, but now I am strongly reminded every day when I look into his sweet face that this baby boy was meant to come to our family, that he is ours; and I firmly know with everything that I have that if I live my whole life through, and the only thing I can say for myself is I was "just" a mom, I will have lived a most fulfilling and happy life, and that my influence through this decision will extend far greater than any other choice I could have made for myself.

I am so lucky, and I am so grateful.


Mary said...

You are the sweetest Michelle! You DO have the most important job. I keep thinking that once I become a mother I will finally be doing something worthwhile in this world! And you have the wonderful example of your mother who raised amazing children, so way to go Michelle! And all that you learned in your schooling will be used in teaching your children....and make you an interesting person : )

Erin Despain said...

I loved this post. You so eloquently described exactly how I feel about staying home with Allisyn. I've had people ask me the same question- why stay at home after working so hard to get a degree? It's hard for them to understand, but it is the most important thing I could ever do with my life.

I hope you're doing well! The other day I went with J.J. to answer questions from the Comms interns going to NYC this summer. It was fun and made me think about our fun times last summer. It's crazy to believe that was almost a year ago and that you were just barely pregnant with Isaac.

Staley said...

rMichelle, you really need to right a book. You just capture everything so perfectly, and I'm so happy that little Isaac is lucky enough to have a mom like you. I can't wait till we can be mama's together! I'll give you a nine-month warning when I think that might be happening.

Anyways, I would love to see you and Isaac again soon! You'll just have to come up to City Creek for your Nordstrom fix. Love ya!

Kaylynn Zoe said...

I thought the exact same thing when I saw this on Pinterest. LOVE it. Thanks for sharing it again!
PS: Newest follower!!